Mornington Peninsula

Saturday, 18 March 2017 – I decided to get away from the city and enjoyed the sun (which was very rare because I’m not really a fan of sun). The trip was pretty spontaneous as well as I only planned it a few days beforehand.

I was so excited to see the ocean while driving to my first destination – Balcome Estuary. My first comment was “Ocean is so wide and deep”. And of course, I remember of how much God loves me. His love is as wide as the ocean; it is endless!

Just after we arrived, I saw the pier straight away without having to explore the entire estuary – and obviously I was so glad because I didn’t have to explore the entire estuary. The lake was BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING.

Afterwards, we went to Martha Cove because I wanted to take some pictures at the pier with ferries. Unfortunately, the gate was locked and we could not go close to the ferries. So we didn’t really spend much time here. And btw, this trip was quite crazy too as I brought so many clothes to change. This was because I want to post pictures on Instagram with different outfits.

Cape Schank was our next destination – it was half an hour driving from Martha Cove. The ocean there was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never been a fan of ocean or beach, however I always feel peaceful hearing the sound of the wind and waves. I went up to the light house, took lots of pictures and then went to Sorrento Back Beach for sunbathing – this was my first time going to the beach to tan the skin.

That’s basically the end of my trip to Mornington. I drove back to Melbourne in the afternoon. I ended my day by sitting in the service (Hillsong Church) and received from God 🙂



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